Weston and North Somerset disability information and advice line (DIAL)

A pan-disability disabled led advice service.

DIAL is a voluntary organisation which offers free, impartial and confidential information and support. DIAL is a pan-disability disabled led advice service. We offer advice around issues such as benefits, care and adaptations.

DIAL can help by giving detailed advice and information on all subjects including – access, benefits, aids, welfare rights, education, holidays, housing, transport, blue badges, training, sports and leisure and voluntary organisations.

DIAL also provide home visits, outreach surgeries, drop-in services, newsletters and consultations on access issues with local organisations and statutory bodies.

Available Tuesdays 11am – 1.30pm; Thursdays 11am – 3pm (24-hr answer phone service)

Tel: 01934 419 426
Email: mail@westondial.co.uk

Tues: 11am - 1.30pm Thurs: 11am - 3pm 24-hr answer phone service

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