Sickle Cell Society

Sickle Cell Society supports and represents people affected by Sickle Cell disorder to improve their overall quality of life.

The Sickle Cell Society believes that individuals with sickle cell disorder have the right to quality care.

This can only be achieved if funding is made available to educate health carers and other professionals about the condition. The Society aims to provide this. The Society does not discriminate between the types of sickle cell disorders or the ethnic groups concerned. Both sexes are equally affected, and should have equal access to support and services within a confidential and sensitive environment. We respect the views of every patient. We have a network of committed volunteers, who play an important part in running the charity, providing administrative backup, and helping with fund-raising activities.

Donations from the public and fundraising activities are also part of our life support. Without them, we would be unable to finance the essential research and educational projects and we would be unable to offer children a much-needed holiday. The Society benefits from the support of a wide range of individuals and organisations nationally, who together play a vital role in its success.

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