Priory – Eating Disorders

Help and treatment plans for people with eating disorders

Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are serious mental illnesses. They cause people to develop extremely unhealthy eating habits, and an obsession with weight and body shape. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, you will often find that you become preoccupied with controlling your weight as much as possible, which can lead you to make unhealthy choices about food. This can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health, and can even be fatal.

However, the good news is that eating disorders are treatable and you don’t have to struggle on your own. Priory is the UK’s largest independent provider of eating disorder services and we are committed to helping you get back on track.

Our experts at Priory recognise that eating disorders are complex conditions and are unique to each person. That’s why we tailor our treatment programmes and provide bespoke therapy to everyone who seeks help with us. This means we can meet your personal needs and help you every step of the way towards a healthy future.

We have a nationwide network of hospitals and wellbeing centres to support people with eating disorders. We also offer residential eating disorder treatment at Life Works and Arthur House. Arthur House also provides a day care option.

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