I.T for the Terrified

IT4TT is a voluntary organisation providing IT training for beginners and more advanced users, on a non-exam course or a 1:1 basis.

IT for the terrified (IT4TT) is a training centre with a difference.  It provides informal training, either on one-to-one sessions, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  It is managed and run by unpaid volunteers, therefore allowing us to provide you with affordable but high quality tuition.

We aim to fulfil the needs of each individual and tailor our classes to fit your specific needs; offering help with most topics on all computers and tablets. You can bring your own laptop, or use our machines.

We can cover most topics, from absolute basics, for example downloading photos from your camera,  through to more advanced usage on all our Windows systems, Mac products, iPads, Androids, Tablets, eReaders and Smartphones.

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