About Tyntesfield Medical Group

Tyntesfield Medical Group is an integral part of a caring local community and aims to support people to make healthy choices and enjoy a fulfilling life.

If you call in to your doctor with a stressful social problem that’s affecting your wellbeing, they’ll recognise that you might benefit from more support to consider your options, and that conventional medicine is not the answer.

What do we do?

NHS Wellbeing Workers (Social Prescribing) offer friendly mentorship and longer appointments during which you can talk things through. We can enable you to make use of local services and to explore opportunities for mutual companionship, activity and enjoyment – often right here in your immediate neighbourhood. You can regain some control – set a goal, and begin to help yourself to feel and cope better in the longer term.

Your GP practice is just one local service that can guide you towards positive change.

Call your surgery if you feel Social Prescribing support may be useful for you.

What is a Social Prescriber?

The NHS uses the term ‘social prescribing’ for the action of linking people to community resources for the benefit of their health.

A social prescriber’s role is to support people to acknowledge their own strengths (individual and community) – to help them to help themselves.

Problem solving; socialising and exercising; finding purpose and a sense of belonging; improving wellbeing without medication.

Promoting opportunity and the potential for change.