About Nailsea Community Group

The Nailsea Community Group was launched June 2020 as a help group providing support to resident’s during the coronavirus crisis. The Group runs a Facebook Community Page where people can request one-off support and volunteer work from the community. Requests can be anything from asking to borrow tools and equipment to asking for help to paint a building, steward an event, help a local group or even fix a broken water pipe quickly.

The Group can also provide an ID-verified ‘Community Buddy’ for people that require long term personal support such as shopping, companionship or prescription delivery.

The Group will continue to run an emergency foodbank service until November 2020 to support members of the community suffering financially. The ongoing foodbank service will be designed to offer short-term emergency support in an anonymous way to those people who may be struggling to pay for food

What do we do?

The Nailsea Community Group is managed by a committee of members who will assess and approve each post on the Page. No personal information should be shared on the Facebook Page, and only shared in direct messages and contact with the volunteer/organisation once activity has been confirmed.

The Group also manages the Community Buddies service. Community Buddies are companions and safe contacts who can provide a range of support for vulnerable residents but essentially work as a friendly neighbour to vulnerable residents in Nailsea.


Support includes:

Grocery shopping  |  Prescription delivery  |  Companionship through regular phone calls


In order to apply for a Community Buddy, please contact the Nailsea Community Group by email on info@nailseacommunitygroup.co.uk, phone 01275 855277 or visit No. 65 High Street.

The emergency foodbank will continue to operate until November 2020 to support residents of Nailsea who are suffering financially. Please contact the Group via email or phone if you require any support.

If you wish to donate to the foodbank then you can drop food at one of our foodbank collection bins at Tesco and Co-op or we have a go fund me page.

How to Contact us

Facebook Page: Our Facebook Page

Email: info@nailseacommunitygroup.co.uk

Phone: 01275 855 277

Drop In to No. 65 High Street