Community Foodbank

As a group we have seen first-hand how quickly the Covid Crisis can cause someone’s situation to change and we have helped many people who never thought they would struggle financially before this crisis appeared.

Due to this the group is running a service for those people that may need an emergency food package. It is a completely anonymous delivery service which looks purely like a friend has done your shopping and so if you are struggling for food and are waiting for your next source of income please reach out to us and we will deliver essential items directly to your door.

You should not have to go without or into debt to pay for essential food and we are here so you can ask for support in an anonymous way.


To access the community foodbank –

Contact –, phone 01275 855277 or visit No. 65 High Street

or fill in the online form here –

Getting further help from the Foodbank

If you require further support, then we can also issue you with a voucher to visit the Trussell Trust Nailsea Foodbank who can provide ongoing food support along with a range of other support services:

Trussell Trust Nailsea Foodbank:

Open Fridays between 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm
Southfield Church 85 Southfield Road Nailsea BS48 1SB
Tel: 07927472649

Please don’t wait to ask for help.