NailseaSupportGroup.com was created by a collaboration of support organisations in Nailsea. The idea was born following the impact of the recent global pandemic when it became clear how many people in Nailsea required support and assistance but were unsure of where to seek help. In order to simplify the process, we have created a one-stop platform where people can find the help and support they need from a single trusted source.

The Nailsea Support Group comprises four local organisations

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We all work together to provide tailored support to the residents of Nailsea.

The Nailsea Support Group is able to provide the following types of support:

An up to date and interactive directory of all the help and services available to people in Nailsea

A Facebook group where people can offer and ask for help

Provide ID-verified Community Buddies who can provide long-term support with shopping, prescription delivery and companionship

Delivery of emergency food parcels until November 2020

A place to go to for any Nailsea resident needing help via email –¬†info@nailseacommunitygroup.co.uk, phone – 01275 855 277 and No. 65 High Street.

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